Phone .: +49 (0)8151-78347

Requests from online stores, doctors, naturopaths, health consultants and other resellers are always welcome. Please inform us by email about your sales and marketing goals. We are happy to put us in touch with you. Send us an email:

If you have any questions about Revoblend please write to:

You can also reach us by phone 12:00 to 15:00 with the following number 08151-78347. For questions, suggestions and information by mail, please write to: Fa. Changefood, Ralf Brosius, Almeidaweg 29, 82319 Starnberg.

We are always ready to respond as soon as possible to your questions.

About Ralf Brosius and his work you can find more information on the Internet with the following links: oder

The Revoblend is available through our partners in neighboring countries. If you also are interested in the distribution of our products within or outside the EU, we would appreciate an email from you.

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