Quality of Life

As you might know already, there are foods which prolong our lives and there are other foods which can have the opposite effect. If you have already chosen a diet which is helpful from all aspects, a way of eating which provides you with more energy, clarity and joy of life, then you can certainly say that you enjoy eating healthy food.

Grüner Smoothie

The green smoothie is the right start for a new, sustainable culture of eating

A Conscious Way of Eating and Living

There are many key factors to a conscious way of eating and living: On one hand, taste must be good and the number and quality of vital substances should be as high as possible. On the other hand, one should be able to be sure that the food consumed is grown in a sustainable way and its long-term positive effect on the body and mind should also be comprehensible immediately. Those who choose this life style, which is still relatively new, will certainly come to a point where they require high quality equipment to prepare their meals.

Everything is inter-related

We from Changefood think that a green smoothie makes it possible to induce positive changes in several areas at once. The most important thing being of course our wellbeing, our health. The issue of organic agriculture, however, is also included as well as protecting the environment and the climate. Comparing it to the traditional way of preparing and consuming food, a green smoothie is as sustainable as it gets. Everything is inter-related, everything is influenced by everything and everyone and therefore regular consumption of green smoothies, for example for breakfast, has a sustainable effect on our health and the health of the planet.

A True Revolution

This is exactly the reason why green smoothies and their professional preparation are a very high priority for us. Only a green smoothie can provide its consumer with so many nutrients and vital substances in one single meal while still tasting so delicious. That’s why we believe this relatively new way of eating is a genuine revolution that marks the beginning of a whole new eating culture. They are also very easy to prepare, and when kept chilled they retain their goodness so you can enjoy them all day long. We believe the real key to enjoying your daily green smoothie is its intense, full-bodied, creamy flavor. If you have once prepared a green smoothie with a REVOBLEND and tasted it and you compare this taste experience with another green smoothie, you will find that there are actually differences between a smoothie and a smoothie which cannot be denied.

How the Revoblend Enhances your Quality of Life

As you might already know, blenders have been around since the early 1960s. They had two or four blades which rotate quickly and were used to blend a banana milkshake, to crush some ice cubes and to prepare a smoothie or a tomato sauce. Up to now, modern users’ higher requirements were usually met by increasing the power of the motor and the speed of rotation. Besides this, use of the appliances was made easier in recent years thanks to electronics. Ok, so what’s so special about the Revoblend?


RB500 Messerblock

The serrated Sixwave RevoBlades can easily blitz any kind of living foods.

Today, more and more people live from uncooked foods in their natural state and a blender is really a basic requirement for ensuring the variety of such a diet. A client wants to blenderize things like fruit, nuts, cocoa beans, quinoa, vegetables, green leafs and wild plants in a gentle way, tearing up the fiber and simultaneously preserving the abundance of nutrients in these foods. This requires that you do not have to expose your food to excessive speed (friction, oxidation due to oxygen). Therefore, the desired result should be achieved as quickly as possible. In other words: First of all, you need very efficient blades capable of working in a very fast and gentle way. Why our SIXWAVE REVOBLADES are efficient knives.

When you want to cut off a slice from a loaf of bread which has a hard crust, what kind of knife do you use? You use a serrated knife because that cuts much better than a plain edged one. When a farmer in the mountains cuts the grass on the pasture, what kind of tool does he use for that? A scyphe with a crescentic blade with the edge on the inside, because this makes it possible to cut the grass without any effort or resistance. So if you are looking at a blades block which unites these two characteristics, the serrated blades and the crescentic blade (with the edge at the outside), then you are looking at the blades block of the REVOBLEND blender.

Later Improvements

There are users who work with their blender every day and who have repeatedly drawn our awareness to the fact that access to the blended mixture at the bottom of the container is not really satisfying. Therefore we have increased the diameter of the bottom and thus the distance between the wall of the container and the blades to make it possible to get out everything, best with the help of a silicon scraper like the REVOTOOL. Besides that, we have increased the size of the base of the container and reinforced the coupling with big teeth from stainless steel in order to both reduce vibration and improve stability during the blending process for heavy and viscous mixtures.

Why the Motor is Important


Becher_Boden_DetailWe use high power motors with a speed of more than 30 000 rpm in order to meet requirements for the preparation of natural food. Efficient blades like our SIXWAVE REVOBLADES do not always require the highest speed for producing tasty and easily digestible food. For toddlers, infants and people with a weak digestive system, however, it is beneficial if ingredients are pureed into a very smooth liquid. Oftentimes, infants and toddlers are fed with food in jars which is pureed into a very smooth liquid in order to facilitate the absorption of nutrients in a gastro-intestinal tract which is not completely developed yet. As such foods are only allowed for sale when they have been heated, these small meals already lack part of their nutrients and vital substances. With a REVOBLEND blender you can turn fruit, vegetables and high quality spring water into such a smooth puree that even infants and toddlers can be treated with natural, uncooked, living and easily digestible food every now and then, so that they can benefit from an even better supply of vital substances. Due to their high speed combined with the SIXWAVE REVOBLADES, both REVOBLEND models can also create a very smooth puree if you so desire and are therefore also ideal for people who do not want to miss a quickly prepared and still comprehensive supply of vital nutrients. Another advantage is the design of the Sixwave RevoBlades. In both models, they were designed in such a way as to allow you to process both wet and dry foods in just one container.