The Revoblend Lifestyle Technology

The REVOBLEND is no customary household appliance but a blender made to last, of especially robust industrial quality. We encourage you to challenge this claim and to compare the Revoblend to similar products in all relevant aspects. The parts used, its performance data, its professional use and not least its solid look are all symbols of high quality. We have developed two models for different applications which do overlap in some areas. It is not possible to determine a clear, unambiguous line between the two. This model is suitable for creating living, lactose-free ice cream, salsas, dips, almond milk, sweet rawfood desserts, soups, green smoothies, fruit shakes and more for you.


The base made from low-vibration material is especially sturdy and holds the container strongly in its position. The massive coupling made from stainless steel is ready for almost any challenge.


Der RB 500 RB500_rot

This model is designed for professional use and has sufficient capacities to allow you to process bigger amounts of heavy, dense, hard and doughy foods in a preserving and easy way. Its 1500 Watt seem to be just a little more than the RB 390 has, but in daily usage they actually prove to be an advantage. The even higher speed of 38 000 rpm allows you to reduce the time needed for every operation so that the quality of the food you process is preserved even better.


Becher Neu



The plastic polycarbonate has been used for blender containers in Europe and the USA for over 10 years due to its advantages in daily use (low weight, unbreakable, heatproof). Recently, however, it was repeatedly criticized for its using the substance BPA (Bisphenol A). We still think that foodstuffs that stay in the blending container for about one minute cannot really be exposed to a harmful influence to our health in such a short time. Still, we deliver the Revoblend with a plastic container made from BPA-free triphenyl methane. This plastic mix is a little softer, this means a little less resilient to heat than polycarbonat (which can be heated up to 100 ° Celsius) and should therefore not be heated to more than 70 ° Celsius.



Technical data of the RB 500

up to 38 000 rpm. 1390 Watt (ca. 2100 Watt max. performance)
Standard: 2-liter-container made from BPA-free triphenyl methane, low-vibration, round container base, reinforced coupling from stainless steel, serrated Sixwave Revoblades made from Japanese stainless steel
Size and weight: 270 mm x 240 mm x height 495 mm; 230 Volt; 5.2 kg


Equipment delivered with the Revoblend

The equipment delivered with the Revoblend includes one user manual, a 12-page recipe booklet, the motor unit, the blending container with the blades block, one cap for the container with an integrated measuring cup and one pounder for dashing over-sized foods before blending.


Service for the RB 500

The company Changefood Ralf Brosius gives you a 10-year-warranty for this product. This warranty includes freedom from all defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty does not include wearing parts as well as gross negligence. This warranty does not reduce your legal rights from German legal warranty. This warranty is executed by Changefood, EU wholesaler and retailer for Revoblend, Ralf Brosius, Almeideweg 29, 82139 Starnberg, Germany, and is valid for Germany. The customer service is also based in Germany.


REVO2PADS (optional equipment)

High performing blenders produce slight vibrations while processing high-quality food, especially with hard and tough ingredients. These vibrations spread to the worktop underneath it where they can cause undesired resonances. In some cases these vibrations may also be reinforced acoustically by a cavity under the worktop.  During very high speed, which is required for an ideal result, high speed motors produce harmonics and frequencies which are unpleasant to some people. If the high-frequency range is filtered out, a more pleasant working sound is obtained.  Both ranges, bumping sounds due to vibrations and high frequencies during high speed, are moderated by Revo2Pads. The acoustical result is a background noise which is much more pleasant from all aspects. Additionally, Revo2Pads increase the stability of your blender. One set of Revo2Pads includes a 6 mm strong rubber pad (Antivibe) and a 8 mm strong pad from pure new wool (Acoustik Pad). Size: 230 x 240 mm. Revo2Pads were developed especially for the Revoblend, but they can also very well be used for blenders from other brands and manufacturers. You can order your set of Revo2Pads for € 25.00 either together with your Revoblend blender or separately (free shipping).